The best ways to drink Elkschnaps

With its mild, untamed spiciness, Elkschnaps is a perfect ingredient in cocktails. Here are a few favourites from our recipe book.


The G Brothers

Chill a shot glass of Elkschnaps in the freezer, then enjoy it along with a cold beer. It cools the throat and warms the heart!



Same as above, but with the Elkschnaps at room temperature. At least as good!


The Fig Leaf

Mix equal parts Elkschnaps and Bailey’s Irish Cream, stir. Pure heaven!


Long Way Home

Carefully pour alternating layers of Elkschnaps and Galliano, making four layers.  Drink in one glorious sweep.


Stay Awake

Pour Elkschnaps in a glass to taste and top up with Red Bull. Yes, elk really do have wings!


Elk Shot

Pour 6 cl of Elkschnaps in a glass, then top up with strong, hot coffee and top with whipped cream (the real thing, not a spray can!). Perfect after a hunt!

Print Last updated 2007-09-21