The Elk - King of the Nordic Woods

The elk is a ruminant whose primary diet is leaves, shoots and twigs. In extreme cases, the animal can grow up to 3 metres long and 2.3 metres high, weighing up to 850 kg. An average Swedish bull elk weighs around 450 kg in hunting season.


An elk’s antlers can have a span of up to 2 metres. They are at their largest at five to twelve years of age.


Once elk lived throughout Europe, but they have been hunted to extinction south of Scandinavia. The Swedish elk population varies between 300,000 and 400,000 individuals in the summer.


Elk hunting – a Swedish national sport

Elk hunting is a big event throughout Sweden. For a few weeks each autumn, the woods are filled with hunters and dogs. The main goal is to keep the elk population down to prevent traffic accidents and damage to the woodlands. The fact that elk meat is a true delicacy is simply an added benefit.

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