Elkschnaps - our tribute to the elk, king of the Nordic woods

After twenty years of experience of essences and extracts, we decided we wanted to develop a drink all our own. One that would be appreciated by men and women alike; not too bitter, not too sweet, a perfect balance. We also wanted our drink to pay tribute to the beauty of the Swedish countryside and the king of our northern woodlands, the elk. That’s why our flavours come direct from the bounty of the forest.


Two years of careful testing and tasting led to an exquisite blend of twenty-five herbs and spices, creating the perfect flavour – untamed, yet mild. Our own unique taste!


So what should the bottle look like, and what should we call our creation? The name was an easy choice – Elkschnaps, with a rustic German sound in appreciation of our southern neighbours and their love of our four-legged legend. We soon realised the natural shape of the bottle – a bullet from a hunting rifle, of course.

Print Last updated 2007-10-22