How we make Elkschnaps

The selected herbs and spices are dried, then rigorously tested for strength and purity before they are certified for use in the production of Elkschnaps.


Our friends in Germany help us by extracting the spices in pure alcohol. This is then mixed with grain alcohol that has been distilled 168 times. The next ingredient is sugar, an important flavour enhancer, and the alcohol content is regulated to precisely 37%. After filtering, the Elkschnaps is ready to be bottled – pure, clear and golden.


Elkschnaps is an ideal drink after a successful hunt, but it is also the perfect touch in all kinds of circumstances – not least in cocktails. We prefer it just as it is, room temperature or ice cold, with a foaming mug of beer!


Elkschnaps gets its unique flavour from select herbs and berries from the deep dark woods where the elk live. Lingonberry, blueberry, violet and angelica are just a few of them. We also blend in spices such as star anise, wormwood, St John’s wort, cinnamon, cardamom and orange. We round it off with a few drops of rum and cognac – and then the sugar (the sugar content is
125 g/litre). 

Print Last updated 2016-06-08